Hungary '56 Reunion and Conference Bard
Hungary '56 Reunion and Conference





Bard College Reunion and Conference. 

February 13-16, 2007

Fresh from the Hungarian Revolution, 300 student refugees arrived at Bard College in December 1956 during the Winter Field Period.  Bard provided orientation and English language instruction.  The Freedom Fighters used the time to learn, to teach, to organize, and to begin to adapt to what, for most, would become their new country.

Fifty years later, Bard invites all alumni of the program back to campus for a reunion.  The College seeks to celebrate their time here, remember the events of the Revolution, and share memories with current students and faculty. 

To coincide with the reunion, Bard will hold an international conference that will reconsider the Hungarian revolution, its impact on the Freedom Fighers' future lives, and its legacy then and now.  The three-and-a-half-day event will include a concert, panel discussions, lectures, a film festival, an exhibition, and informal discussions with faculty and students. 

Alumni, family members, and other interested individuals are warmly invited to contact the organizers at for information and to register for the reunion. 

The conference is free and open to the public.